[Seaside] HTML generation for people who know HTML?

Robert Sirois watchlala at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 19 15:35:23 UTC 2012

You're not the only one to bring this up. It is what it is, basically. You can write some convenience methods on the brush classes if that helps, or just assume that the abbreviated tag names are actually spelled out. The reason for this (so I gather) is that Smalltalk is designed to read well for the programmer. That way, it feels like you're writing a document or something more than a confuddlation (ok, so that's not a word...) of variables and logic surrounded by a whole lot of syntax (ie. JavaScript). I believe it's for the better, but that's my opinion. Moral of the story: all the canvas brushes are constructed by calling the full name of the tag (paragraph > p, h1 > heading level: 1, unorderedList > ul, listItem > li, etc.).

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> Subject: [Seaside] HTML generation for people who know HTML?
> The few examples I've seen used different names for the things
> everyone working with HTML already knows. So you have to learn
> additional keywords to generate HTML. Like "heading" instead of
> the names h1 to h6. "paragraph", etc.
> Have I missed something?
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