[Seaside] FOSDEM2012 smalltalk devroom 5 feb, sprint 4 feb

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Tue Jan 24 09:02:28 UTC 2012

Feb 4-5 2012 Brussels hosts FOSDEM2012, 
the free and open software developers european meeting. 

Sunday there will be a smalltalk devroom (AW 1.126) with 
a number of interesting presentations.

09:30 Norbert Hartl, Take a small REST. Simple approaches for REST in smalltalk
10:00 Stephane Ducasse, Marcus Denker, The next steps for the Pharo Vision
11:00 Laurent Laffont, John Thornton, Amber, the Smalltalk for web developers
12:00 Nick Ager, An introduction to jQuery Mobile
12:30 Stefan Marr, RoarVM, Sly
13:00 David Chisnall, Compiling Smalltalk to fast native Code
13:30 Craig Latta, Spoon
14:00 Stephan Eggermont, Willem van den Ende, Diego Lont, Back to the future, (re)learn smalltalk
(till 16:30).


As there is no devroom on saturday, the VUB has kindly offered to organise
a sprint. There will be a room available at walking distance from FOSDEM. 


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