[Seaside] Live Ruby on rails tutorial sites

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Wed Jan 25 08:41:02 UTC 2012


On 01/24/2012 02:31 PM, Philippe Marschall wrote:
> 2012/1/24 Göran Krampe<goran at krampe.se>:
>> PS. I love Seaside and Iliad etc, but for me personally it's all about
>> client side now. We are using javascript with the help from Nicolas to build
>> a full "fat" HTML5 client for a customer. And for a personal project I am
>> going "all Amber" for the client. The server then gets transformed into a
>> "RPC backend". And for that, one can use a multitude of technology, with
>> Socket.io being the "sexiest".
> Since you're taking this off topic I hope you don't mind if I ask some
> questions. What sever do you use? Which "protocol" do you use
> (WebSocket, long poll, …)?

For the customer we just use jQuery Ajax calls - we have a .Net server 
at the backend.

For my personal project I intend to try Socket.io possibly with 
Juggernaut in the mix:


An alternative would be:


This would lead to a server running in nodejs so I can write it either 
in Amber or plain js. Since I want the main part of the system written 
in Pharo I am pursuing using a message queue to tie it all together and 
keeping the parts running in nodejs to be as small and targeted as possible.

regards, Göran

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