[Seaside] jQuery value.

Malte Grunwald malte.grunwald at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 5 13:28:24 UTC 2012

Hey everybody,

i try to get the value of a textInput with jQuery by using  it this way:

/(html textInput)
                     id: id;
                     onBlur: html jQuery ajax serializeForm;
                     onBlur: ((html jQuery id: 'imageDiv') load html: 
[:r | self renderImageOn: r]);
                     onChange: (html jQuery new load html: [self 
formatValue: (html jQuery id: id)value]);
                     callback: [...];
                     value: (anObject perform: aValue)];/

but I do not get the real value in the /formatValue: method. /All I get 
is/: JQueryInstance ($("#id4").val())//.
/Have anybody an idea what I am doing wrong?/

/Thank you and kind regards

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