[Seaside] JQueryUI Tabs not working

Alejandro Zuzek a.zuzek at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 02:29:28 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

This is my first post to this list and I am hoping to get some help. Also I
hope in the future I will be able to answer some questions to others. I am
developing a web app in a Pharo 1.1 one-click distribution so it comes with
Seaside 3.0. I am not able to make the JQueryUI tabs work in my app. I have
added the JQDeploymentLibrary and JQUiDeploymentLibrary to this app and
basically copied and pasted the tabswidget example (
http://localhost:8080/tests/jquery-ui/tabswidget - JQTabsFunctionalTest
class) into my app, but all I get is the unordered list with hiperlinks to
the values of the 'tabNamesAndValues' dictionary. The value of the last
link is displayed below the list and the other two are displayed as soon as
I click on the corresponding link. There are no Javascript errors when
loading the page.  Hopefully you will be able to see what I get below, but
most probably the unordered list and hyperlinks will be lost in conversion


   - Three <http://localhost:8080/AZJQTabsTest#ui-tabs-5>
   - Two <http://localhost:8080/AZJQTabsTest#ui-tabs-9>
   - One <http://localhost:8080/AZJQTabsTest#ui-tabs-11>

Third tab value

What am I missing here? By the way, the tabswidget example works perfectly
fine and I have developed another application in the same image which also
uses JQueryUI tabs and those are working fine too.

The two methods that are used in my example are:

AZJQTabsTest>>renderContentOn: html
    html text: 'AZJQTabsTest'.
html div
      script: html jQuery new tabs;
      with: [
         html unorderedList: [
            self tabNamesAndValues keysAndValuesDo: [ :name :description |
               html listItem: [
                  html anchor
                     url: (html jQuery ajax
                        html: [ :h | h text: description ];
                     with: name ] ] ] ]

    ^Dictionary new
        at: 'One' put: 'First tab value';
        at: 'Two' put: 'Second tab value';
        at: 'Three' put: 'Third tab value';

AZJQTabsTest is a subclass of WAComponent and answers 'true' to canBeRoot.

Any ideas?


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