[Seaside] How to convert a 1.4 Pharo Seaside image so that it will work with seasidehosting.st

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Thu Jul 26 16:27:36 UTC 2012


1. find out from the seasidehosting folks if they support the cogvm/pharo1.4 and if 
   so what are their recommendations if not find out what combination of pharo and 
   vms they actually support.
2. create packages for you app so you can save and reload your own application code
   test that out using the version of pharo/vm that you are currently using.

Let us know what you learn from the seasidehosting folks and we'll go from there.


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| Thanks for your pointers guys. Unfortunately all I can see so far is
| that my search space has exploded into a plethora of various
| possible combination of Seaside Versions, Pharo/Squeak Versions and
| VM Versions. I have started exploring this but am always coming up
| against syntax errors and other weird stuff while trying to assemble
| the necessary components, without even knowing if I am going along
| the right route.
| I know this sounds like an appeal to be spoon-fed but what I really
| need is a concrete set of instructions e.g.: "get this vm and this
| image from this site and download the rest from the following
| Meta/Monticello repo. "
| Thanks in advance for feeding me :-) And I promise if I ever get it
| to work I will write it all up so that you are pestered no more.
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