[Seaside] seaside on pharo 1.4 w/ zinc (ConfigurationOfSeaside30 mcz attached)

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Mon Mar 5 18:44:10 UTC 2012


I'm not sure what you're trying to do with the changes ... but it looks like you've excluded the load of Kom? the changes with tthe OmniBrowser and Swazoo groups probably don't affect what is loaded with your load expression, but removing 'Seaside-Adaptors-Comanche'  and the tests definitely does so presumably that was the important piece to get working for Pharo 1.4 ...

I have been trying to follow the wishes of Lukas, Philippe and Julian when it comes to defining the default behavior of the metacello configuration for seaside, but since it appears that none of the maintainers of seaside actually uses metacello there is tension between what they have told be to do and what is practical ... 

The point of metacello goes something like this:

  developer gets project working on Pharo1.4 and records what works in metacello configuration

that way when a user of the project wants to load the project in Pharo1.4, they don't have to do anything but load the configuration ...

When a developer answers a question about why something doesn't work on Pharo1.4 with something along the lines of:

  - do xyz
  - I don't use w anymore, try q

The there is a clear indication that the relevant information has not been recorded in the configuration ... 

I periodically visit the seaside project (usually around the time that I'm preparing to do Seaside work in GemStone) and pull in information that I can glean from the mcz files lying around in the various repositories and reconstruct what I think the seaside developers have in mind ... I then load the configuration of a variety of platforms (pharo1.0, squeak, etc.) and if the tests pass, I say my work is done ... 

There has been continuous problems with OmniBrowser across multiple platforms (another example of a project where the maintainer doesn't use metacello) and that has caused problems in Seaside, because the seaside maintainers insist that OB be included in the core ... so I disagree with their decision, but it is their decision ...

There's only so much I can do...


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| Hi, I don't know how many people have successfully run seaside on
| pharo 1.4 or even tried to, and I've not seen it documented
| anywhere. I have it running and while many of the unit tests don't
| pass :(  I can start up a zinc server and click through the example
| apps and some of my own apps fine. I've attached the .mcz file which
| excludes Comanche, Swazoo, and OmniBrowser from the default install
| group (OB is only used for the server manager I think, which is not
| very important, and I'm using nautilus on 1.4).
| I understand that this patch might break earlier stuff so with any
| luck Dale will be able to give me some tips on how to make it more
| compatible.
| Anyway, load up the mcz and then
| ConfigurationOfSeaside30 project latestVersion load: #('default'
| 'Zinc-Seaside')
| and to run a server
| ZnZincServerAdaptor startOn: 8282
| and you should be set.
| note: I *just* got this "working" and it seems to work fine with my
| apps so far, but no promises that everything will go smoothly.
| Pat
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