[Seaside] Accessing the Post body/content from an expired/cached page before initialRequest

Ramshreyas ramshreyas.rao at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 05:59:44 UTC 2012

Dear all,

I am developing a (non-commercial) web application for mobiles on 
Phar1.0/seaside30 (hosted on seaside-hosting for now, cheers to this 
brilliant service).

I would like the user to bookmark a transaction page on her phone, add 
it to her home screen and use it like any other app. She will enter data 
for submission before any callbacks/page-loads are performed.

This means that she will almost always enter data into a form on an 
expired page and submit.

I find that the WARequest object available to me from 
RootTask>>initialRequest has its Post body stripped and is converted to 
a 'Get' request at that stage.

Is this true? I am a newb, ( to web-development itself, seaside is my 
first framework! Avoided programming in general until I found, and fell 
in love with, smalltalk) so perhaps I simply don't understand how the 
information is encoded into the WARequest object, or in the Post method 
in general.

I tried something like:

RootTask>>initialRequest: aRequest

     | expiredFormData |

     expiredFormData := aRequest bodyDecoded (or aRequest postFields.., 
aRequest rawBody etc )

The body is nil, as confirmed upon putting a halt here and inspecting 
the WARequest object. It also seems to have converted the original Post 
method into a Get. This would make sense given the instructions for 
'recovering from an expired session' that use updateUrl (and hence Get)....

When I (tentatively) examined the full stack, I found something that 
seemed to indicate the HTTPRequest is 'converted' to a 'native' request 
way before RootTask>>initialRequest is called - I'm out of my depth 
here, and am wary of monkeypatching the innards without some guidance.

How would one capture Post data from an expired page and decode it? 
Where is the best place to intercept the incoming request?

Thanks, and sorry if I am posting below the level of this forum!


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