[Seaside] Grease - get image directory

Boris Popov, DeepCove Labs boris at deepcovelabs.com
Wed Mar 14 12:12:28 UTC 2012

I had to do something similar in VisualWorks, I doubt there will be a portable version, but you can certainly go via GRPlatform and implement removal of leading filename components to end up with a relative path for your resources, say,

String streamContents: 
		[:ws |
		| components |
		components := filename components.
		(components last: components size - root)
			do: [:comp | ws nextPutAll: comp]
			separatedBy: [ws nextPut: $/]]


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GRPlatform has two methods: filesIn:aPathString and directoriesIn:aPathString. They return the absolute paths of the contained files.

However I do not see any (portable) way to know the image directory.

I think it is sometimes needed, for example:
GRPlatform current directoriesIn: 'bootstrap'

(where bootstrap is a directory next to my Pharo image). Gives me all the absolute path of the directories lying in <image directory>/bootstrap

How can I get the relative path of these directories compared to the 'bootstrap' directory?

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