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Gastón Dall' Oglio gaston.dalloglio at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 21:03:00 UTC 2012


2012/11/27 Paul DeBruicker <pdebruic at gmail.com>

> It looks like the images aren't loaded until after the Javascript is
> loaded and compilied.  Can you move the javascript to the end of the
> document rather than having it in the HEAD?  I don't use pier so don't
> know if that's easy or not.  Also the bootstrap JS relies upon jQuery so
> you might benefit from having jQuery load first.  Not sure about the
> pier.js stuff.
> I just use a component at the end of the page with a render method like
> addJsToPage:html
>         html script resourceUrl:'js/JQuery.minjs'.
>         html script resourceUrl: 'js/site.js'
> at the base of my main component to load JS at the end.
For full control of where (in head or body) and the order in that the
external resources are loaded in Pier based apps, instead to use Libraries
configuration, I make a PierFrame subclass like this:

PRPierFrame subclass: #MyPierFrame.

MyPierFrame>>renderContentOn: html
   super renderContentOn: html. "this render Pier components..."
   html script resourceUrl:'js/JQuery.minjs'.   "Load resources at end of
   html script resourceUrl: 'js/site.js'
html document addLoadScript: ((html jQuery: '*[title]') removeAttribute:

Then I register this class as root component in the app.

This is

my 2cents.

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