[Seaside] seaside 3.1, ajaxifier pushState, and loading only a portion of the page

Johan Brichau johan at inceptive.be
Sat Sep 15 08:03:34 UTC 2012

Hi Paul,

> I want to make the back button functional when  I do an ajax load of a portion of the page.

They way I understand it is that the back button works with the ajaxifier library because, from a server-side point of view, the entire page is reloaded. That means Seaside makes a new continuation and all links on the webpage are refreshed to encode the correct continuation key. You this get an ajax update, but of the entire page, which is not very useful imho.

I am currently (well... 'intermittently' is the correct word) playing with the history api and seaside to make something to deal with back/forward in the presence of partial ajax updates. The general idea would be to encode some state in the history stack and use that to trigger complete refreshes when doing a back/forward. That would at least solve the following problem:

The funny thing I discovered is that Safari and Chrome both work differently when doing a back/forward. In Chrome, the original loaded page is displayed again after the forward, while Safari will show the last state of the webpage (thus including the ajax updates). Needless to say, this generates strange errors when users do a back/forward...


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