[Seaside] Login form via ssl (https)

Dav lasmiste at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 15:15:27 UTC 2012

Hi there,
 I'm implementing a login form and I need ssl to secure it.
Unfortunately I can't find on the list or on the internet a straight way to
solve my issue.
Seaside behind nginx, so nginx manages ssl so far so good.
With the help of this hint:
http://forum.world.st/from-http-to-https-tc997547.html#a997580 I saw how to
generate a secure link, but my question is: I have a form with login and
password fields, how should I change the code to generate a https url?

I'm hacking a bit, but I don't know how to manage call: and answer: and
switching between http and https
The following code is what I tried:

MyComponent>>renderContentOn: html
 html anchor secureCallback: [self call: MyLogin new]; with: [html

MyLogin>>renderContentOn: html
html form
		with: [html textInput 	on: #username of: self session; placeholder:
				html textInput	on: #password of: self session;	placeholder: 'password'.	
				html submitButton callback: [ self session validateLogin.	
												self answer]; value: 'login'].

for the definition of secureCallback: see

Clicking the submit button does not switch back to http, of course, but I
don't know how to solve it. Any hint?

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