[Seaside] further form customization with magritte

Francois Stephany tulipe.moutarde at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 21:06:46 UTC 2012

Yep, that's possible. But it's quite annoying if all your forms need a 
different layout all the time.

Have a look at MACssRenderer and MATableRenderer, they are good examples 
of two different layouts for forms.

A good example of how to customize the rendering of specific field of 
the form is the TwitterBootstrap integration. 
(http://twitterbootstrap.seasidehosting.st). Load the code and look how 
it is made.

Hope that helps,


On 26/09/12 11:29, sergio_101 wrote:
> is it possible to get in and customize magritte forms at the DOM level?
> for instance, if our designers gave us a css that required classing
> some of the form eleemnts, etc.. would this be possible?
> would it be also possible to lay the form out differently? ie in
> columns rather than one long column?
> thanks!

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