[Seaside] is this workflow incorrect?

sergio_101 sergio.rrd at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 12:44:47 UTC 2012

i am trying to wrap my head around the development workflow, and i
want to make sure i am doing this as efficiently as possible.

can someone comment on this?

1. develop away in my local image. this includes all classes,
   components, and tests. this does not include editing static files.
2. my static files are served up by a local running version of apache,
   and my resource base is set to point there. at this point, the only
   way i can think of keeping these files wrapped up in the project is
   by using a file based system (git) to version and deploy static
3. pull my project into a local gemstone to make sure there are no
   problems. i am thinking that a more robust test bed would probably
   be good enough here. if my tests all pass in gemstone, i should be
   good to go.
4. pull project into deployed gemstone, run tests, and let it rip.

there are only few things i don't like about this. i am not sure i
like the idea of having to run a local gemstone and test the app in
two places (gemstone and pharo). since i am new to this, i would
imagine i can drop this step at some point.

i don't like (at all) the idea of running monticello for my seaside
project, and git for my static files. i am thinking i am doing this

in a perfect world, i would have monticello somehow (without using
file libraries) keep track of my css, image, and js files without having to
run two versioning systems.

i absolutely don't want to serve up static files through seaside, so i
am not sure how to rectify all this.

how are you guys handling these issues?

photographer, journalist, visionary


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