[Seaside] Re: is this workflow incorrect?

sergio_101 sergio.rrd at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 12:57:42 UTC 2012

> Thanks you guys, I am revisiting Pharo/Seaside as a newbie and have failed due
> to my lack of knowledge (documentation and examples are mired in Seaside 2.8)

hi, intrader..

i should also point out that this is maybe my third time visiting
smalltalk/seaside in a few years. i wrestle with it, give up, and go
back to using rails for all my projects..

this time was a bit different. i have spent the past year seriously
studying software development. not studying language syntax and all
that stuff, but the underlying ideas of design and best practices. it
seems like everything always comes back to smalltalk.

this time, i made up my mind that i was going to approach seaside
without any previous notions of MVC web design or anything that other
frameworks use to approach the web problem. i was going to learn
seaside on its own terms..

at this point in my life, i have crawled around so much code, i have a
much better grasp of approaching the web problem. i didn't bring this
baggage to seaside this time.

it turns out that seaside is MUCH easier to grasp this time. the trick
is.. you have to let go of your expectation of what happens a the web
interface. it is pretty much like desktop app programming. web server
interaction is handled for you, and you don't really have to think
about it (ever)..

anyway.. just wanted to let you know that i am right there with you..
this isn't my first attempt at learning seaside..  but this time, i
think it's sticking..

photographer, journalist, visionary


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