[Seaside] deployment question

Stefan Krecher stefan.krecher at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 4 15:28:21 UTC 2013

i have two web-apps based on seaside. Both of them are currently
running on an amazon ec2 micro-instance (windows).
There are two pharo-instances running, listening on different ports
(non-reduced images, gui is running). Both images are behind apache
2.2 (using virtual hosts and mod_proxy).
Persistence is image-based, using serialization as seen here:
The number of users is very limited at the time und won't exceed 20 in
the next months. The number of domain-objects is very limited too.
Is pharo (currently 1.4) the right-choice?
Why/ when should i switch to Linux as server?
What would be a good argument to migrate to GLASS?
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