[Seaside] Is there a sane way to make seaside config edits (like custom session) programatically?

Thomas Hartman thomas at standardcrypto.com
Tue Aug 20 07:12:22 UTC 2013

I am following the cincom seaside tutorial at


There are a couple of points in the tutorial where you do some manual
tweaks to the seaside config at localhost:7777/cofngif. There's a
tweak for a custom session, a tweak for including some javascript
libraries, and maybe a few other minor things. I would like to do
these tweaks programmatically rather than by hand edits. If this is
"not a good thing" to want, please tell me I'm barking up the wrong
tree, and I'll keep doing the hand edits thing. But if doing this more
automatedly is reasonable, I would love to know how.

Instructions for the manual way, from tutorial documentation, which
includes copious screenshots of the manual tweaks...

custom session config:


custom javascript library config:


Any advice is appreciated.



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