[Seaside] Re: [Pharo-users] Seaside JQuery Ajax processing question

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Mon Aug 26 17:49:40 UTC 2013

I cc'd the Seaside list where you should ask these things directly.

In the span you want to trigger an ajax callback & load using the
#onMouseEnter: method.  It should look something like
html span
		((html jQuery id: 'GlossViewer') load
			html: [ :h | self renderAnalyzedWord: h ];
			callback: [ :word | self processWord: word ] value: html jQuery this
	with: 'myWord'

But if you have lots of words you should use the #on:do: method to catch
the hover events on the #TextViewer div rather than setting an event on
each span.

and you don't need to add it as a load script.

On 08/25/2013 05:31 AM, kmo wrote:
> Can anyone help with a Seaside jQuery ajax issue?
> I want to change the contents of a div when the mouse goes over a document
> element by means of an ajax call.
> In this example, I have rendered a list of words as spans (one span per
> word). When the mouse goes over any span, I want to show the dictionary
> definition of the word in another div on the page. The dictionary definition
> has to be generated on the server side.
> So I have to reference the current span ("this") in my ajax processing. 
> I find I can change the page contents as desired when the mouse moves over a
> span (see below) but I am completely clueless how to get the text of the
> span, the word itself, into the html I want to render.
> renderContentOn: html
> |aQuery anAjax|
> 	aQuery := html jQuery expression:'span'.
> 	anAjax := html jQuery ajax.
> 	anAjax script: [ :s | s << ( (s jQuery: #GlossViewer) html:'This was
> written by an ajax call')].
> 	aQuery onMouseEnter: anAjax asFunction.
> 	html div id:#TextViewer; class:'TextPane'; with:[self renderWordsAsSpans:
> html].
> 	html div id:#GlossViewer; class:'GlossPane'; with:'The grammatical analysis
> goes here'.
>         html document addLoadScript: aQuery.
> My basic problem is that I have no real idea of how data is passed back to
> my program in an ajax call and how I can reference it in my code. The
> seaside documentation is not bad on JQuery as a whole, but explanations and
> examples of ajax processing with Jquery and Seaside are not easily found.
> If it's relevant I'm using Pharo 2.0 Summer and Seaside 3.
> Thanks.
> Ken 
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