[Seaside] Re: Problems with Postmark in Pharo 2.0 with and without Seaside

Dave lasmiste at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 15:39:54 UTC 2013

Hi Paul,
I've just posted on the pharo-users list, but I write that post here:
 I solved a couple of issues
1) I didn't see PMEmail is a JsonObject. Now I understand why selector
textBody: is not known by the system but it's valid.
2) The "NameLookupFailure: cannot resolve 'api.postmark.com'" is because  
PMInterface class>>
	^ 'http://api.postmark.com/'
instead of:

PMInterface class>>
	^ 'http://api.postmarkapp.com/'
** Can anyone who has access to the project change it? **

With the change it works!

Paul, what's really weird is the set of packages loaded in the seaside
version (merges included) and the DNU GRPackage(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand:


Paul DeBruicker wrote
> Hi Dave,
> Looks like I broke somethings.  I'll take a look now.   The answer to your
> second question is that the api endpoint url is
> api.postmarkapp.com
> not postmark.com.
> Give that a try and see if you get further along.
> I'll include that fix when I get the rest of it working here in a bit.  
> Sorry you ran into problems
> Paul

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