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| Hi guys,

| I have some special requests that I want to redirect to another Gem.
| What I did in seaside is to implement #updateUrl: and add some
| parameter for those cases I want to send it to another Gem.

| Now, I don't know how to adapt nginx for such a thing. I am using
| FastCGI. So I need to check if such argument is present in the URL
| and if true, send it to another upstream. If not, use the normal
| upstream.
Are you having trouble finding the parameter because you are using FastCGI? Or is the trouble purely an nginx question? 

| I have explained my problem here:
| http://serverfault.com/questions/561993/nginx-choose-upstream-depending-on-args
| but I didn't have any working answer.

| Does any of you have an idea how could I do that?

| Thanks in advance,

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