[Seaside] Checkbox and AJAX?

Bob Arning arning315 at comcast.net
Fri Dec 20 21:32:30 UTC 2013

You *can* re-render just a row or even just a cell. I use the following 
to re-render a single cell:

     s1 _ html jQuery ajax
         callback: [ :value |
             value = 'undefined' ifTrue: [
                 lastCellIndex _ nil.
             ] ifFalse: [
                 lastCellIndex _ value.
                 showing at: lastCellIndex put: (showing at: 
lastCellIndex ifAbsent: [false]) not.
         value: (((html jQuery: '.',idForExpandableSource) filter: 
'return(bobclicktest(this))' asFunction) first attributeAt: 'id');

         script: [ :s |
             lastCellIndex ifNotNil: [
                 self updateHistory.
                 s << ((s jQuery: lastCellIndex asSymbol) html: [ :h |
                     cellInfo _ (idsToCells at: lastCellIndex) third.
                     (showing at: lastCellIndex) ifTrue: [
                         toShow _ String streamContents: [ :strm |
                             cellInfo sourceArray do: [ :e |
                                     nextPutAll: e first asString;
                                     nextPutAll: '>>';
                                     nextPutAll: e second asString;
                                     nextPutAll: e third asString;
                                     cr; cr
                         h text: '[x]'; break.
                         h textArea columns: 50; rows: 20; style: 
'text-align: left'; value: toShow.
                     ] ifFalse: [
                         h text: cellInfo byteCount asString

You can see this in action at if you click 
on a cell with something in it.


jQuery: '#tableContainer'

On 12/20/13 4:15 PM, Mariano Martinez Peck wrote:
> renderCellFormContent: anObject on: html
> html form: [
> html label:[
> html checkbox
> value: (self isSelected: anObject);
> onClick: (html jQuery ajax
> serializeThisWithHidden;
> html: [ :renderer | self halt. renderer render: self report ]
> "onSuccess: ((html jQuery: '#tableContainer') load)");
> callback: [ :value | self selectRow: anObject value: value ]]]
> But none worked. I am still newbie with Ajax stuff so I am probably 
> doing something wrong.
> BTW, if I can only refresh the row, cool, but as far as I know that's 
> not possible (or complex?). So just rendering the table again I think 
> it would be ok (unless I loose scroll position).

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