[squeak-dev] Re: [Seaside] SqueakSource/Seaside question - has anyone seen this problem before?

Bob Arning arning315 at comcast.net
Mon Dec 23 12:43:44 UTC 2013

  It is a WideString and

self asArray collect: [ :e | e asciiValue radix: 16] = #('53' '74' 
'3FC09C28' '61' '6E' '65' '20' '4D' '75' '6E' '69' '6F' '7A')



On 12/23/13 6:51 AM, Philippe Marschall wrote:
>   Which brings us to the question
> how St鰨ane Munioz ended up in the image. Can you confirm that his name
> is a WideString and 鰨 is a single instance of Character?

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