[Seaside] Ajax Callback with Response Code other than 200

Bob Arning arning315 at comcast.net
Tue Dec 31 19:43:54 UTC 2013

Well, just trying things a bit, this seems to work:

     html div
         onClick: (html jQuery ajax
             callback: [ :val |
                 val inspect.
                 self requestContext respond: [ :response |
                         contentType: 'text/json' seasideMimeType;
                         nextPutAll: {'what arrived was'. val} asJson
             value: (JSStream on: 'this.innerHTML')
         with: 't2'.


On 12/31/13 9:30 AM, jtuchel at objektfabrik.de wrote:
> Hi again,
> thinking a bit more about my X-editable plans, I dug a bit deeper into 
> JQAjax. Unfortunately, this gives me more questions than answers ;-)
> Say I have an ajax callback using jquery like this:
> html anchor
> id: 'mylink';
> onClick: (html jQuery  ajax callback: [self doSomething]);
> with: 'Click here'.
> This callback will always respond with an empty HTTP response with 
> status code 200, right?
> There are other callback methods on JQAjax, like respond:, text: and 
> so on.
> Is there any documentation on these?
> I am looking for a way to transport some value to a server-side 
> callback block and respond with one of these two options:
> a) HTTP 200 and a JSON document with success information and probably 
> an error message
> b) HTTP 200 if the callback processed without errors, or a different 
> HTTP code and some error text in the response's body if there is some 
> error during processing the callback
> Has anybody done this? Any pointers to more details?
> Thanks in advance and happy new year to all Seasiders!
> Joachim

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