[Seaside] Re: [Seaside-dev] Accessing service from a mail .

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 21:03:30 UTC 2013

On 02/22/2013 12:26 AM, sarath raj wrote:
> 1) i created a REST Service in seaside sub class of WARestfulFilter  .
> 2) Another Class "testing" derived from WAComponent with a textfield and
> button .
> Action : when i click the button it will send a mail that specified in
> the textfield , and the mail contains a link . that link represents the
> REST service .
> When the user clicks the link , it will start redirect to REST service . 
> I done creating mail and all , but i am struck with how i can set a body
> of a mail with html tags and all . 
> Body contain the link to the service
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This would probably be better on the seaside users list, just because
more people read it and could respond.  So I cc'd it.

Do you want to send an html formatted email?  Is that what you're
asking?  I don't think you can right now, but it shouldn't be too hard
to get it working.

You can get an html string like this:

(WARenderCanvas builder render: [ :h | h heading level1; with: 'My Email'.
	h image url: 'http://www.seaside.st/styles/logo-plain.png' ])

But I don't know how to put it and a plain version of the body content
in the body plus declaring the content type in the body.  You'd need to
add the Content-Type in the email headers plus a boundary and then in
the body the boundary at the start of the plain & html sections then
also a Content-Type declaration for each section.

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