[Seaside] Re: JQueryWidgetBox Fullcalendar doesn't start

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 17:12:33 UTC 2013

Hi Davide,

On 01/10/2013 02:50 AM, Davide Varvello wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> I'm playing with FullCalendar, but it raises a DNU
> because JQFullCalendarEvent>>start: calls Timespan from: aDateAndTime
> to: timespanEnd, I think it should call Timespan starting: aDateAndTime
> ending: timespanEnd

Ooh.  Good eye.  You're right.  Thats an artifact of me using the
Chronos library for dates and times rather than what provided in the image.

> So I changed it in my image, than I played a bit
> with http://localhost:8080/jquery-widgets/fullcalendar, but I can't
> drag'n'drop any event. Every time I move an event it returns to its
> original position, I can't figure out why, can you help me? I'm not an
> expert of fullcalendar nor jquery

I haven't looked at it in a while but are you just using the example
code provided by the ConfigurationOfJQueryWidgetBox?  It looks like the
its a problem with the version of jQuery loaded by default.
JQueryWidgetBox loads jQuery 1.7.1.

The version of FullCalendar in the example is 1.5.1 and it was only
tested with jQuery up to version 1.5.2.

If you change these methods to this it should work OK:

JQFullCalendarExample class>>initialize
JQFullCalendarExample initialize
	| app |
	app := WAAdmin register: self asApplicationAt: 'jquery-widgets/' , self
	(app filters detect: #isExceptionFilter) configuration at:
#exceptionHandler put: WADebugErrorHandler.
		preferenceAt: #sessionClass put: JQFullCalendarExampleSession;
		addLibrary: JQWidgetBoxDeploymentLibrary

JQFullCalendarExample >>updateRoot:
updateRoot: root
	super updateRoot: root.
	root javascript url:
	root javascript url:
	root stylesheet url:
	root stylesheet url: self library / #fullcalendarCss.
	root javascript url: self library / #fullcalendarminJs

You'll need to reinitialinze the JQFullCalendarExample.

Or you could just update the JQueryWidgetBox/FullCalendar code and
examples with the javascript FullCalendar library from here:


which would probably be better for the long term .

Good luck


> Cheers
>  Davide
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