[Seaside] my site is completely dead..

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> it depends on many things... as Sebastian said, nothing in the earth runs forever, but you can achieve some stability anyway :)
> first I would check your Pharo version and VM version, to ensure you are using a stable one. 
> second, RFB server (vnc server) is known for hang your image time to time (some sockets stays alive when they shouldn't and that is consuming your resources until nothing works :( ). Someone should fix that, but is obviously not so easy, otherwise it would be fixed by now. 
> what else? ensure your image is being persisted and backed up regularly, and add a monitoring process... 
> Esteban

The issue in RFB was identified and a fix posted, don't think any RFB package maintainers picked it up though.

As for Pharo, the relevant issue to giving better error messages instead of freezing is
but I never got around to actually implementing it :S

Also, a new(ish) VM will happily continue leaking semaphores instead of freezing till it runs out of space just the way non-cog used to, if I've understood Igor's latest changes correctly :)

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