[Seaside] jQuery anchor and multiple div update

dtrussardi at tiscali.it dtrussardi at tiscali.it
Wed Jun 5 08:40:51 UTC 2013


i have  a anchor based on this code:
		html anchor
				script: (html jQuery this button
							text: true;
							primaryIcon:  'ui-icon-circle-plus'
							title: 'Successivo');

				onClick: (html jQuery ajax
				 	( html jQuery ajax 
          					script: [ :s | 	s << (s jQuery:  #'base') load html:[:h| 	"A"		self incrementaIndex: true. 
																		"B1"		(self renderingBaseOn:  h)].	

									s << (s jQuery: #'orarioRiferimento') load html:[:h| 	 "B2"	( self renderOrarioRiferimentoOn: h)]]);	
				with: '>'.

My objective when a user click on this anchor is:

	A) 	 update a index  with the  		self incrementaIndex: true.

	B1) 	update the div #base with:	 	 self renderingBaseOn: h

	B2) update the div #orarioRiferimento 	with:	 self renderOrarioRiferimentoOn: h

Where the B1 - B2  rendering is based on the index state.

Now i have a strange behavior because sometime the B2		  div #orarioRiferimento	 renderings is not aligned to the index.

As if the onClick script action  is not execute in the definition sequence.

Any suggestions ?

What is the right definition to solve this problematic type ?



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