[Seaside] Re: Pharo 2.0 scriptaculous does not work

Markus Fritsche fritsche.markus at gmail.com
Sun Jun 9 00:20:51 UTC 2013

Paul DeBruicker <pdebruic at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 06/07/2013 05:23 PM, Markus Fritsche wrote:
>> 10.2s2 asMoney: #EUR prints EUR 10..20.20

> Thats weird.  On Pharo 1.4 & 2 it prints:

> EUR 10.20

> Which image and which version of the package is loaded in your image?
Latest update: #20606

Name: Money-PaulDeBruicker.64
Author: PaulDeBruicker
Time: 17 April 2013, 7:03:07 pm

But if you can't reproduce this, then never mind - I have loaded Seaside +
Pier3 into that image, and that seems to have a bit of an impact.

Kind regards, 

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