[squeak-dev] [Seaside] New catalog entry for Seaside 3.0.3

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Fri Mar 1 21:08:03 UTC 2013


Metacello configurations should not require manual intervention, so I'm curious which two mcz files have to be manually loaded.


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| > If a kind soul can get one working, I'll make sure it stays working
| > with the magic of CI on build.squeak.org. Er, that means that I'm not
| > sure whether Chris reported _working_ configurations.
| Hi, that Seaside configuration should "work".  I did not run the tests
| (don't know how) but I was able to start a server and  build a
| rudimentary page using one of the ajax frameworks that rendered and
| accepted input..
| My question was geared more toward the future of Seaside with Squeak.
| Tobias produced a working Metacello script but it required two .mcz's
| to be loaded first.  But what repository are those available from so
| they can be installed directly into the image?  Those links he
| provided are not a MC Repository so, to install Seaside, my
| understanding is someone must manually download them to their local
| computer, install them one by one, _then_ execute the Metacello
| script.  Clearly, the Consume use-case is not satisfied but how can we
| rectify that?  I don't have access to the Seaside repositories to copy
| those mcz's into it, so do we need a separate repository for them and
| future Squeak-specific packages?
| For now, I just published the stable-baseline I have for a Seaside
| 3.0.  My curiosity about what caused some of the previously-working
| Metacello scripts to stop working is for  a root-cause analysis to
| know whether we could normally meet that "working baseline"
| requirement on-going or whether it was just a one-off issue?
| I think acting on Dales's suggestion will force these questions too,
| so a great place to start

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