[Seaside] KomHttpServer on SqueakMap

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Thu Mar 7 11:45:48 UTC 2013


On 03/06/2013 09:36 PM, Chris Muller wrote:
>> Attached is a screenshot of the KomHttpServer entry for Squeak 4.4 on SqueakMap.
>> The entry I loaded for running Squeak 4.4. and Seaside 3.0.3  is the
>> one marked with
>>    (4.4)
>> which seems to apply to the Squeak version.
> Yes, this can be changed.  The original authors appear to have moved
> on from the community, I thought a break from their original version
> number series might be appropriate.  When it came time to decided,
> "4.4" seemed reasonable enough since the goal right now is for it
> simply to be available in latest Squeak.  I'm open to alternatives.

Comanche was first written by Bolot Kerimbaev (just found him on 
Facebook the other day btw), but then extensively rewritten by Stephen 
Pair, who once in a while may appear on the lists, but is not active.

Since then me and Giovanni Corriga have more or less just "watched over 
it", and lately Giovanni only.

>> What do the parenthesis mean?
> It means its "Published" attribute is not set.  Published was supposed
> to mean the project will definitely not change -- Göran understands
> the use-case a lot better than I.  We have a SHA1 of the contents of
> each project so never understood why we need a manually-set Published
> attribute.  So I generally just ignore it and the parenthesis printing
> enhancement and would actually like to see it removed unless it is
> needed for something.

I honestly don't recall the exact thoughts - but published did indeed 
imply that it was "safe for consumption". So it was more a kind of 
assertion from the owner.

The SHA1 checksum of the contents was meant to make the server side 
cache work properly. So if a URL goes stale the SMLoader notices a bad 
checksum and can instead fall back on the server side cached contents 
from the time of the creation of the release (at which point the SM 
server actually downloads the URL and puts it in the cache, just like 
the client side SM does).

>> The other version numbers seems to be the version numbers of the KomHttpServer.
>> Could you please shed some light on this issue?
> If it is actively maintained, the maintainer should decide.  Otherwise
> we can use whatever version # we want.

Personally I don't care - Giovanni may decide. I could even consider 
transferring this entry to someone else, like Giovanni.

regards, Göran

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