[Seaside] using CSS for default Magritte-Editors

Stefan Krecher stefan.krecher at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 14 10:40:37 UTC 2013

i have a main-component where i overwrite updateRoot to inject some css.
On the main-page, i render a list of domain-objects, every domain-object
gets an "edit"-link. By pressing edit, i construct a component (->
descriptions asComponentOn: aMitarbeiter).
The component will be rendered via self call: component. To inject css in
the resulting editor, i add a custom MAFormDecoration (with an overwritten
Now i have the editor for that domain-object. The domain-object has a
one-to-many-relationship to another domain-object, it is modelled like this:

^MAToManyRelationDescription new
classes: (Array with: HistorieArbeitsbereiche);
accessor: (MAPluggableAccessor read:[ :mitarbeiter | mitarbeiter
historieArbeitsbereiche ] write: [:mitarbeiter :historieArbeitsbereiche |
mitarbeiter historieArbeitsbereiche: historieArbeitsbereiche]);
  label: 'Arbeitsbereiche';
default: #();
priority: 500;
cssClass: #historieArbeitsbereiche;
reference: (HistorieArbeitsbereiche descriptionArbeitsbereich);

The problem is, that i have no idea, how to inject css in the resulting
editor (when i click on "edit" or "add").

Is there a way to inject an link to a css into the header of _every_ page
that is rendered? If i use call: to render a component, the calling
component gets replaced (including the <header> section). If a
magritte-editor is redered via a OneToMany-Relationsip i don't seem to have
access to the header-section of the resulting html (i only could use a
custom renderer - here i could try to load css from the <body>-section of
the page - but that seems do be no clean way.

thx and regards,
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