[Seaside] Problems With Installing Rier3 and Pier3AddOns with Pharo2 Instructions

Bruce Prior b.prior at ieee.org
Thu Mar 28 03:58:51 UTC 2013

I've had problems installing Pier3 and Pier3AddOns similar to those 
recently reported by Victor Stan regarding Seaside.

Using a fresh version of Pharo2, I did MetacelloBrowser open, then 
selected Pier3 from the unverified list and right clicked on "install 
configuration (Stable version)."

The loading started, but there were four or five Warning popups, for 
which I selected Proceed, before loading finished.

Then I selected Pier3AddOns from the unverified list and tried to 
install it the same way. It began loading and but hung up on a fatal 
error (MessageNotUnderstood:SmallInteger:add).

I also tried using Configuration Browser in a new Pharo3, with the same 
intent: to load Pier3 and Pier3AddOns. Same result--many warnings with 
Pier3 and the same fatal error with Pier3AddOns.

Is anyone else having this problem, or perhaps found a way around it?

I think the Configuration Browser in Tools is a great approach to easily 
loading apps. But right now there appears to be something amiss with it, 
or with the Pier apps.


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