[Seaside] A general guide for method categories/protocols?

Bahman Movaqar Bahman at BahmanM.com
Mon May 27 06:48:59 UTC 2013

When I'm developing components -still following Seaside tutorial[1],
chapter 5- there are methods that I don't know what is the best
protocol/category[2]  for them, like `editTask' or `createNewTask'.

I'd like to know what you pro Smalltalk'ers do.


[1] http://www.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/hirschfeld/seaside/tutorial
[2] Not sure which term is correct.

PS:  For those methods that deal with rendering, I've created a category
called "rendering".

Bahman Movaqar  (http://BahmanM.com)
ERP Evaluation, Implementation, Deployment Consultant

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