[Seaside] Re: VM freezes; how to find the cause?

intrader intrader at aol.com
Mon May 27 17:59:50 UTC 2013

Bahman Movaqar <Bahman <at> BahmanM.com> writes:

> On 2013-05-27 18:38, Bob Arning wrote:
> > Squeak, definitely. I know next to nothing about the OS level. 
> Well, if that's possible then something can be thought out.  Thanks for
> the hint.
> > 
> > On 5/27/13 10:03 AM, Bahman Movaqar wrote:
> >> On 2013-05-27 18:30, Bob Arning wrote:
> >>> > It may not be *that* hard. Start a high-priority process that frequently
> >>> > checks the state of Squeak memory and stops the offending process(es) if
> >>> > things are looking dire.
> >>  <at> Bob: You mean an OS-level process or Squeak-level?

As you now know, it is very simple to inadvertently cause your code to
freeze. I have managed to get my code to freeze in various ways including
recursion caused by initialize.AND, test before you deploy in a production

The VM is correctly doing what you tell it to do. 

I don't know whether VisualWorks oe Object Studio by Cincom has a code
'freeze' detector, but it is worth a try as it is a commercial environment
(they offer a free vorsion); you can try your bad initialize there.
You may wish to consult http://www.smalltalk.org/versions for other versions.
Good luck

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