[Seaside] How to directly add a component to a canvas without <div>

Bahman Movaqar Bahman at BahmanM.com
Tue May 28 12:51:48 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Let's say I have Root (which is the root component) and Comp1 which is a
component that Root renders and `Comp1>>renderContentOn:' correctly
wraps itself inside a <div> tag.

Now in `Root>>renderContentOn:' is there anyway to *just* add Comp1
without wrapping it in an additional <div>?  Consider the following

  Root>>renderContentOn: h
    h dumpComponent: self comp1.  "instead of `h div with: self comp1'"

Bahman Movaqar  (http://BahmanM.com)
ERP Evaluation, Implementation, Deployment Consultant

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