[Seaside] Problem with checkbox of MACheckboxColumn

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 17:22:29 UTC 2013

Hi guys,

I am using Seaside 3.0 and Magritte 3.

I have a MAReport in which I add as the first column a MACheckboxColumn. I
want to use this table to filter/select/unselect the rows of the report. If
I use a MACheckboxColumn as is (#useLinks answering true), it works, but if
I do (set #useLinks to false):

report addColumn: (MACheckboxColumn new useLinks: false; yourself).

it does not work anymore..the callback of the checkbox is not called

MASelectionColumn >> renderCellFormContent: anObject on: html

html checkbox
value: (self isSelected: anObject);
callback: [ :value | self halt. self selectRow: anObject value: value ]

Of course the difference is that with no links it uses
#renderCellFormContent:on: while with useLinks in true it uses
#renderCellLinkContent:on:. I thought it was related to the fact that links
do not need a form but checkbox do. I tried adding a form around the
checkbox, but no luck.

Any ideas?


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