[Seaside] [ANN] Bootstrap for Seaside3 project (Release 0.1.0)

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Fri Oct 11 09:40:08 UTC 2013

Mariano wrote:
>This is just to thank you for this. I did a small prototype and integrated
>Bootstrap for a web application of a client. So far I am using Jumbotron,
>tables, buttons, navbar, alerts, and pagination. So far so good!
>Again, thank you very much!

No problem. If you have some screenshots to share send them around. It
is always nice to see what people do with it.

Have a look at the latest stable (download from CI or using PharoLauncher
or config browser in a fresh 2.0), it now also has more components like
inputs, progress bar, ...

It also includes "holder.js" support, which is part of Bootstrap and able to generate 
"client side placeholder images" that show their current size for an image.

Original is here http://imsky.github.io/holder/ - but as I said it 
is included in the Bootstrap.js already anyway.

It is used in http://getbootstrap.com/components/#thumbnails
to fill the thumbnails and in the same section "Thumbnails" at http://localhost:8080/bootstrap
you will find the sample with the according Smalltalk code.

"holder.js" together with #showGrid on a #tbsRow is really nice to 
find a first layout when prototyping. One starts to use tbsRow and tbsColumn 
messages to define the grid layout of the Seaside component.

The #showGrid makes the grid lines visible (in dev mode). If your component
also displays a picture somewhere - but you do not have one yet in your file
library you can use:

html image placeHolder: '100x120'

to generate a placeholder image of size 100x120. Or you use

html image placeHolder: '100%x120'

to generate one that is 120 high and fills 100% space. Nice is'nt it.
This way you can easily find an initial layout.

Look at the TBSGridExample and TBSThumbnailExample for more.


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