[Seaside] A welcome; and chaining jQuery events

Wojciech Kaczmarek wojtekk at kofeina.net
Tue Oct 15 14:04:30 UTC 2013


I'd like to welcome everyone on this list. I was playing with Seaside
many years ago and I'm very glad to see it not only survived but being
still active and evolving :)

Now I'm trying to get my head around the idea of interactive web
components I always wanted to have in a library. Looks like with some
creativity and discipline Seaside may be the platform it's possible to
have such thing on.

I am experimenting now with giving the components visual behavior via
jquery effects. Say I want to: fade out some dom element, then replace
it with another and fade in this new one. My tries now boil down to a
very specific question:

How to properly chain jQuery effects?

If I do something like:

html fooElement
  id: id;
  onClick: (html jQuery ajax script: [ :s |
    s << (s jQuery: id) fadeOut: 2 seconds.
    s << (s jQuery: id) parent html: OtherFoo new.

then the fade-out action will be fired -- meaning: started, but then
the dom replacement will be also fired right-away, effectively
replacing the element being faded out.
I need a method for chaining actions - not only pre-existing effects
but also dom manipulation, and, ideally, any javascript, so that one
is starting upon completion of another.
I realize it'd require to have some Seaside API over what goes into js
complete() callback handlers - is there anything like this, possibly



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