[Seaside] A welcome; and chaining jQuery events

Wojciech Kaczmarek wojtekk at kofeina.net
Thu Oct 17 09:34:44 UTC 2013

Robert, Sebastian: thanks for the examples! :))

They certainly helped - the jQuery code works for me now as a
combination of  Robert's second example and dom mutation via

Scriptaculous is also very clean, I'd be glad to put my hands on it
more one day.

Speaking of JQuery version, I noticed before in the browser there is
onComplete: message which expects JSFunction or something which can be
turned into one - and that was a little stopper for me at that time.
Good that by code examples one can have another deeper insight on how
the whole library works. This is wonderful!

Sebastian: cool to see you here. It reminds me that I blindly
suspended talks with you on the tech & business stuff - I still plan
to get to you back privately :)


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