[Seaside] I18N these days

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Fri Oct 18 06:53:03 UTC 2013

Hi Georg,

Georg wrote:
>seaBreeze which is a well-known extension to Seaside comes with Internationalization pre-built in and specially 
>for you with German translations.

I know it - unfortunately the direct download is gone. :( 

No need for german on my side, does SeaBreeze support Bidi (RTL/LTR)?

>It ships with VisualWorks 7.10

Thanks - but installing VW just for a short look is overkill. Why was it removed?
I guess it uses some I18N stuff from VW anyway and I'm running on Pharo.

I can not use SeaBreeze for various reasons - one is that I want to have a "fresh look" 
with my http://smalltalkhub.com/#!/~TorstenBergmann/Bootstrap project (which could be 
interesting to modernize seaBreeze UI too and should be easy to port to VW if you like)

I found https://code.google.com/p/seaside/wiki/Gettext so far - but wanted to see what others
use these days to easily support I18N in Seaside.



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