[Seaside] Problem upgrading seaside from an existing image (Pharo #14438 and Seaside 3.0)

Diego Lont diego.lont at delware.nl
Tue Sep 10 11:24:49 UTC 2013

Hi Dave,

I have found the root cause of your problem:
- During the update prices it tries to load 
			package: 'Refactoring-Spelling' with: [ 
				spec repository: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/PharoTaskForces'.
				spec requires: 'Refactoring-Critics'.
				spec postLoadDoIt: #postLoadRBSpelling ];
from the ConfigurationOfRefactoringBrowser.
Because in this folder (http://www.squeaksource.com/PharoTaskForces') there is a file called ".mcz" Gofer fails.

So you can either circumvent this problem, by making this package not to be loaded (i.e. update this package by hand to version 29 (the version it tries to fetch when crashing)) or make a bug fix, that it should no longer crash on invalid named packages. When I look at the implementation in Pharo 2.0, this implementation is already fixed. The method
	| all cached new emptyFilenamelength |
	emptyFilenamelength := 'P-i.c.mcz' size.
	all := self allFileNames.	"from repository"
	all := all reject: [ :each |  each size < emptyFilenamelength].
		"first stupid way to filter first level broken files. Ideally we should 
		remove any files not following the naming pattern: PackageName-author.number[(branch)].mcz"
	cached := self cachedFileNames.	"in memory"
	new := all difference: cached.
	^ (cached asArray, new)
		select: [:ea | self canReadFileNamed: ea]
is the fixed version.


Op 6 sep. 2013, om 19:27 heeft Dave het volgende geschreven:

> DiegoLont wrote
>> Dave,
>> Thanks for fixing my script, I was rather fast in typing a reply.
> No problem, Diego, I make a lot of typos when I write
>> There can be several problems remaining, that might be a bit more
>> difficult to find out:
>> 	1) Metacello might be outdated. The configuration of Seaside is quite
>> complex, and therefor needs a recent version. Loading a newer version of
>> Metacallo before upgrading Seaside might help.
> Done, no improvement.
>> 	2) Your package cache might be polluted. Trying to upgrade an image,
>> always put things in your package cache first (downloads them there) and
>> wrong packages here sometimes lead to trouble. But I understand that
>> Stephan tested with a clean image, so this is not the case.
> Yep, I also tested with a brand new image with no success.
>> 	3) There might be a problem with one of the (newer) used configurations.
>> One of the trouble I ran into was that the currentVersion was not
>> determined correctly, so I had to specify Seaside3 differently. I do not
>> know if all configurations are well. Finding out where the problem here
>> is, is harder. But maybe you should try running:
>> 		(ConfigurationOfSeaside3 project version: #stable) 
>> But I will try to find some time to look into your problem.
> Thanks
> Davide
>> Good luck,
>> Diego
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