[Seaside] including javascript and static files in a project.

Joachim Tuchel jtuchel at objektfabrik.de
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You are asking about the workflow during development, not just how to deploy, right?

I guess this is where filetree and cypress will be the tools that rock. Instead of pressing all non-st artefacts into a file library and using monticello/store/envy to keep them under version control, turning things around and using today's standard vcs sytems for both non-st and st code will be the bright new world. But cypress is, to my knowledge, just an idea and some prototypes...

For now, you can either do one of 

A) keep all in st and use WaFileLibrary. This locks out all non-st users in the team
B) use separate repositories for st and non-st artefacts. This makes the whole process more complex, but non-st members have access
C) create a sophisticated mix of A) and B). This is complicated and error-prone. Most of the work is needed to synchronize yor file library with the outer-world contents...

C) is how most projects I am aware of do it. Most have troubles with that approach.


Diego Lont <diego.lont at delware.nl> schrieb:

>Hi sergio,
>The default answer is, use a web server between your seaside image and the actual webpage, and have this web server serve the including static files, since this is much faster than pulling them through your image … and more flexible, that other people can easily check them in.
>On Sep 19, 2013, at 8:37 PM, sergio_101 wrote:
>> hey, all! 
>> i have been away from seaside for awhile. too much day job programming to do any fun programming..
>> just wondered how people were including javascript and other static files in their projects.
>> i really liked using monticello, but i never really got a handle on how to include all of the static files in the project so that other team members could use them and edit them (and check in their changes) without thinking about it at all..
>> does anyone have a clean and clever workflow?
>> thanks!
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