[Seaside] Re: [Smalltalk Image] How often do you change your image?

Udo Schneider udo.schneider at homeaddress.de
Wed Dec 24 00:26:01 UTC 2014


My images usually "survives" between one day and a week (until the next 
Classname name: 'Something' ... my favorite thing to wreck everything :-( ).

As you mentioned I use Metacello Configs to load everything I need. This 
also means I can be reasonably sure to catch all dependencies. I wrote 
some sample scripts which take a Pharo stock image, load my stuff and 
save the image automatically.

When working with Seaside (different project, only in the office) I 
usually keep an "preloaded" image around. This "preloaded" image has 
Seaside already loaded. So to start from scratch with my stuff I don't 
start from the stock image but this preloaded image instead. Makes 
things much faster.
I tend to update this preloaded image around every 2-3 weeks.



On 23/12/14 20:58, sergio_101 wrote:
> i keep seeing how lots of people are changing their image daily. I am
> wondering if i am doing something wrong on my end.
> i have my project set up with a metacello configuration that brings in
> everything else i need for my project. this includes seaside.
> the thing i notice is that seaside takes a LONG time to compile (well, a
> few minutes). does this sound excessive?
> do people just fire up a new image, Gofer their projects, and go get coffee?
> thanks!
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