[Seaside] [Smalltalk Image] How often do you change your image?

Benoit St-Jean bstjean at yahoo.com
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Hi Sergio,
Usually, you should load everything into a fresh image to make sure you can uncover dependency problems , class initialization problems, etc.
To save some time, I usually work from a "semi-clean" image....  For instance, if you work with seaside, I'd load Seaside into a fresh image and save that one as the basis for your work.  Then you load your stuff daily into that fresh semi-clean image.
But you should make sure you reload *everything* into a fresh image once in a while, just to make sure you don't end up with a terrible mess at the end of a project!

I've always done this with VW, VAST, Dolphin & VSE and it did save me LOTS of problems!
P.S.  The "load everything while you get a coffee" ain't that bad!  ;) -----------------
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i keep seeing how lots of people are changing their image daily. I am wondering if i am doing something wrong on my end.
i have my project set up with a metacello configuration that brings in everything else i need for my project. this includes seaside.
the thing i notice is that seaside takes a LONG time to compile (well, a few minutes). does this sound excessive?
do people just fire up a new image, Gofer their projects, and go get coffee?

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