[Seaside] Pier and TFLogin?

Jupiter Jones jupiter.jones at mail.com
Sat Feb 8 21:33:17 UTC 2014

Hi Sergio,

This is also what I’d like to do. Have you had any further feedback?



On 31 Dec 2013, at 6:59 am, sergio_101 <sergio.rrd at gmail.com> wrote:

> i am currently developing a site that will be using TFLogin (http://www.squeaksource.com/@7r2w8vNmFF2sfsxC/RT096DBW) for authentication, the ability to edit user accounts, and edit a small amount of data.
> the site will have a fair amount of content, also..
> i was wondering if i could possibly use pier for the content parts, and TFLogin to handle the accounts of users who will be handling only tiny bits of their own objects..
> does this sound doable?
> thanks!
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> peace,
> sergio

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