[Seaside] MessageNotUnderstood:, WADefaultScriptGenerator>>close:on:pageId:

Juergen Rauch rauch at yebu.de
Mon Feb 10 16:28:48 UTC 2014

Hi Smalltalkers,

I am new to this list. Just downloadad and started Pharo
Seaside-3.1-OneClick under Linux in order to get my hands on jquery
mobile development.
As the documentations suggest I first performed:

Gofer it
	url: 'http://ss3.gemstone.com/ss/jQueryMobile';
   	package: 'ConfigurationOfJQueryMobile';
ConfigurationOfJQueryMobile loadBleedingEdge.

Now when I direct my browser to

it displays the error: "MessageNotUnderstood:

I was curious and modified JQMHtmlRoot>>closeOn: in the debugger like

closeOn: aDocument
	"aDocument scriptGenerator   >> I did comment this 2 lines
		close: self on: aDocument pageId: self pageId."
	self writeFootOn: aDocument

and it works, I can browse thru the JQMobile examples now.

However, I guess this is not really the way to go.

Comments or advices anybody?


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