[Seaside] jquery ajax responses?

tournesolo at gmail.com tournesolo at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 18:50:28 UTC 2014

To illustrate the question better, here is the seaside code and what it is lacking:

renderContentOn: html

html textArea
  id: #tainput;
  callback: [:intext | self translate: intext].

html div 
  id: 'results'; 
  with: 'Translated text will come here'. 
html button type: 'button';
  onClick: (html jQuery ajax 
     onSuccess: (
       "--> here is where I need to grab the result of the callback above (the translated text), 
            instead of showing the raw submitted value as below  <--"
       (html jQuery: #'results') text: (html jQuery: #tainput) value);
     serialize: (html jQuery: '#tainput'));
  with: 'Translate'.

Thanks for any pointer!

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