[Seaside] Magritte Chapter in Seaside Book - Missing Method

Bruce Prior b.prior at ieee.org
Wed Feb 19 16:52:28 UTC 2014

Here is my post on the SmallWiki - Magritte, Seaside Forum:

I made all the necessary Magritte3 changes to the example in the Seaside
Book, pages 358-361.
The scripts on page 360 ran OK which seems to suggest that I got all the
Magritte3 changes correct.

But when I tried to create a Seaside Editor as per the bottom half of
page 360, a method, asComponent, was called for. I searched for
asComponent, but it isn't in my image.

So, when I ran the example in Seaside, I got "MessageNotUnderstood:

I'm running Seaside 3.1 and Magritte3 on Pharo3. Has something replaced

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