[Seaside] Re: [Glass] adding profiling to GemStone

Otto Behrens otto at finworks.biz
Wed Jan 1 06:05:48 UTC 2014

> I think (I am not sure) that what I did was to simply surround the
> #handleRequest: of the adaptor I was using with a ProfMonitor script.
> Example...I modify WAServerAdaptor:
> WAServerAdaptor >> handleRequest: aRequestContext
> "Pass the request context to the appropriate request handler."

Well, I thought that this was what I tried, but maybe not. I'll try
again. Thanks.

> Notice that I remember doing this in the Zinc adaptor but I guess it would
> be fine here as well.

It could just make a difference; I'll try there as well.

> Ideally, I would love an inspect here at the end to inspect the results in
> GemTools, but since it runs in its own gem it is difficult to get an
> inspector in GemTools (we discussed this with Dale in a separate mail). So I
> simply write the string to a file.

The profiler tool in Seaside allows one to keep results in an object,
which I suppose one can inspect. I'm trying to write a GS version.

> The profile also write is own file with the results. Send #fileName to the
> monitor and you would get something like '/tmp/gem26398.pro'. I thought I
> could recreate back a profiler instance and open the results with such a
> file, but i didn't find it. That's why for the moment I was simply writing
> the string into a file.
> Hope this helps,

Thanks, I'll give it a shot.

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