[Seaside] "Bootstrap" project for Seaside with separated Magritte support in a new project "BootstrapMagritte" on STHub

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Fri Jan 10 02:32:09 UTC 2014


The bundling with magritte polluted the repo and the Bootstrap project with stuff that was not
really needed for "Seaside + Bootstrap" only. 
Also a "Bootstrap-Demo" package appeared that was more a demo for magritte than for Bootstrap. 
Since there already was an "Bootstrap-Examples" package this added more confusion (at least on
my side).
I now took action and cleaned up the Bootstrap project again to remove the magritte stuff. 
If one wants to to use Bootstrap with Seaside he does not necessarily have to go the 
Magritte path, so IMHO this was necessary. 

The magritte stuff for Bootstrap is now hosted as an own separate project on STHub which would 
also help to see to which part code additions really belong.

As a result:
1. The Bootstrap project now again only contains and loads the initial three packages:
     - Bootstrap-Core
     - Bootstrap-Tests-Core
     - Bootstrap-Examples
   assembled by the known ConfigurationOfBootstrap 

2. The Magritte support on top of Bootstrap is now separated in an own project 
   to avoid too much mixin. See "BootstrapMagritte" on SmalltalkHub.

   The new repo "http://smalltalkhub.com/#!/~TorstenBergmann/BootstrapMagritte" has the same
   commiters as the old one, so feel free to continue with your work.

   This project includes two packages:
     - Bootstrap-Magritte-Core     (former Bootstrap-Magritte)
     - Bootstrap-Magritte-Examples (former Bootstrap-Demo)          
   assembled by a new ConfigurationOfBootstrapMagritte for this particular project

3. The Bootstrap/ConfigurationOfBootstrap is now available as
     - a release version 0.4.0 for Seaside 3.0.9
     - a release version 0.5.0 for Seaside 3.0.10
     - a release version 0.6.0 for Seaside 3.1.0 (#stable)
     - a development version 0.7.0 for Seaside 3.1.0 for new stuff

4. The CI for Bootstrap is green for Pharo 2.0 and now also Pharo 3.0

5. The config browser is updated for Pharo 2.0 and Pharo 3.0 with the "Bootstrap" package

So you can now also open a fresh Pharo 3.0 image, open World menu -> Configuration Browser
to load "Bootstrap". Then run 

   ZnZincServerAdaptor startOn: 8080 

and start coding your web application with the latest Seaside 3.1.0.

Next steps:
Setting up a CI for the new project "BootstrapMagritte"/ConfigurationOfBootstrapMagritte

Have fun!


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